Tuesday, September 15, 2015

am the flower

I was described in words
And I felt them the most
I was born to bloom
And they pluck me
And I felt them the most
I rejuvenated the past
To enthrall the pain
I was free again but too frail
I drenched myself to change the view
To survive the apathy till empathy
I grew within me
To help you grow within you
Now I am called lavender and lily
Now I am called passion and fragrance
The time has come
And you have understood
You are the human
And am the path to human
For you to survive
I come in colors
Different in shape
And always in smile
You enjoy my fragrance
And understand your essence
Am the flower
Am the flower… of your life
Do not pluck me …
Or ….I will tease you …
And you will dream me …
© bhargav
September 15, 2015
14.13 pm

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