Friday, September 11, 2015


I button myself to unbutton
As the day passes it brings the skin out of my heart
Though I try every morning to surpass the liquid
By the glooming moon I again collect it in the same retreat

Reasoning the possession with the obsession
The exaggeration relents me with the fact of fathoms
No wonder I try my best to conclude the day
The evening once again begins the crave with the falling stars

I admired the naked words whispering I LOVE YOU
Now I adore the covered phrases

I search for the lost
In between the lines
And I draw thy sketch without the lights

The darkness has surrounded the dark
To take away the breathe from bark

But I know
I will still wake up
To collect the harp
And will tune
The symphony of our heart

 © bhargav
September 10, 2015
15.35 pm

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