Tuesday, December 8, 2015

..in town

Friday, November 27, 2015

i love you ...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

how we are

am the flower

I was described in words
And I felt them the most
I was born to bloom
And they pluck me
And I felt them the most
I rejuvenated the past
To enthrall the pain
I was free again but too frail
I drenched myself to change the view
To survive the apathy till empathy
I grew within me
To help you grow within you
Now I am called lavender and lily
Now I am called passion and fragrance
The time has come
And you have understood
You are the human
And am the path to human
For you to survive
I come in colors
Different in shape
And always in smile
You enjoy my fragrance
And understand your essence
Am the flower
Am the flower… of your life
Do not pluck me …
Or ….I will tease you …
And you will dream me …
© bhargav
September 15, 2015
14.13 pm

Friday, September 11, 2015


I button myself to unbutton
As the day passes it brings the skin out of my heart
Though I try every morning to surpass the liquid
By the glooming moon I again collect it in the same retreat

Reasoning the possession with the obsession
The exaggeration relents me with the fact of fathoms
No wonder I try my best to conclude the day
The evening once again begins the crave with the falling stars

I admired the naked words whispering I LOVE YOU
Now I adore the covered phrases

I search for the lost
In between the lines
And I draw thy sketch without the lights

The darkness has surrounded the dark
To take away the breathe from bark

But I know
I will still wake up
To collect the harp
And will tune
The symphony of our heart

 © bhargav
September 10, 2015
15.35 pm


Monday, August 24, 2015

The, dumb.. I am

The, dumb..  I am

Dumb, I am
To resurrect the common senses

Dumb, I am
To unleash the hew and meadow

Dumb, I am
To relish the false museum

Dumb, I am
To fashion the sky with vibrations

Dumb, I am
To comprehend the grave and the peddle

Sleeping with the connoisseur
Dumb, I am
To feel the heaven and god

Dumb, I am
Lol, I still 
To recreate the pinks and the 

(C) bhargav

Cry ....

Running the path of sword
The human body dejected

Interpreting the words
The human heart dissected

Ruckus in the heaven
The human soul ejected

Chocked by the dusty winds
The human grave disintegrated

Where should I fly?
The bird now cries
The hurricane is wild



I don’t know the verse
And I don’t know the song

I know thy glitter
And I know thy charm

I know thy heart
And I know thy sound

I know thy soul
And I know thy whisper

Stars fallen away
And the shine yet so bright

The embrace of thy light
And the revolution so profound

I don’t know the verse
And I don’t know the song

I know you almighty
And you echo within my sounds..

Am the body
And you are my life

The day I will die
I know
I will be in your arms…

I pray for the wisdom
To enlighten the path

So I learn
And I know
The verses of your smile

And the song of your dance

(C) bhargav 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015










only you

meri tanhayiiee

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Main khamosh hoon

Main khamosh hoon
Par teri tanhaiye se baatein kar leta hoon

Main khamosh hoon
Par teri jhothi muskurahat se ru ba ru ho leta hoon

Main khamosh hoon
Par tere chehre ki silvaton se qatla ho leta hoon

Main khamosh hoon
Par tere khwabon ki udaan me apne aap ko mehsoos kar leta hoon

Main khamosh hoon
Par teri karvaton se uljhi teri chadar par apne aap ko mehsoos kar leta hoon

Main khamosh hoon

Waqt ke saaye me ek ajib si kashish hai
Tere ask me savanre labz me ek ajib si khalish hai

Tu rooth kar bhi rooth na payee
Main bhool kar bhi bhoola na paaya

Ab ye khamoshiyan kab tak dastak degi … 

Aaj ..  main khamosh hoon
Aur tu adhuri …

© bhargav
15 June 2015 09.37 am 

you are

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

at WAR

Love has changed its concept; rather we can say that we humans have changed the meaning of LOVE.

Love is now a 3D movie for us; it has lost its purity, innocence and emotions.

LOVE IN RELATIONSHIP has been taken over by very material LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP.


We humans are at WAR…
WAR within, and WAR with HUMANITY..
We humans are fighting for money..
We humans are fighting for food…
We humans are fighting for water…

We humans are fighting for material world and not for the world who use to give us smile..

the introspection is left to be a word for itself...

where , how and when... will we stop

what will be our end ????

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

is it , or not ???

It is not necessary that you remember me always…

I have already touched your soul,


It is not necessary that I always have a glimpse of yours,

As I have already melt the snow..


It is not necessary that you whisper your wishes,

I already have the flowers to blossom you..


It is not necessary that I always have to adore you,

As I have already filled your sky with the eternal colors of rainbow..


In the night, where stars are playing games,

I have already embraced your being... to sleep in the clouds of wisdom

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