Thursday, March 17, 2011


A HUMAN… born naked to rejoice the existence

A HUMAN… rejuvenate with the first sip of the mothers milk

A HUMAN… the first step of the walk, the first sound of that beautiful word ….mom, And the laughter filling the echoes of silence, enlighten the shadows of darkness..

A HUMAN... Growing up with the love and affection of the mother and mother nature..

A HUMAN… taking the second step crosses the boundaries, boundaries where he was still loved, nurtured.

A HUMAN… so loved unaware starts his walk through the wild believing the roses are without thorns…

A HUMAN… with dreams of wisdom, walks the path of mirage …

A HUMAN… initiates coloring rainbows

A HUMAN… a philosopher within, an artisan approaches to learn the facts..

Understands the different colors of night….colors of daylight…. The facts dissolving the innocence in a glass full of red wine fashioned from a human blood…

The agony, the anger, arouse a cry, a shout,

… Thin glass breaks and drains the affection, evaporating the affluent aroma of being human...

Once a emperor of humanity, mortified sings the song & says….


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