Saturday, March 19, 2011

YOU .. ma angel

Let me decorate you on ma lips…… color me with your dreams shadow me in your arms

… the spring of ma ocean

……portray you in ma dreams & the paint reflects your immortal beauty….


,,,of your heart

,,,of your soul

,,,of your being….

Shinning always, like a gem

Pure always, like a pearl…

Let me celebrate you in ma heart

…you enjoy me in your heart

….ma heart echo tender beats of your heart

…..I think of you and....the rain showers in my heart and embrace me with all your sweet memories ma silence, you laugh ma laugh, you whisper ma whispers, you hide..

Your eyes, your smile fashion symphony

Your expressions craft rhyme and compose a song. .

Your vocal creates a feel of heaven. .

& I ballet the angels

"Read the silence of my heart.....or read the shines of my eyes....

they say.....

you are a life to me”


Let me unite with your soul

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